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MuttMart.com Case Study: eCommerce Intelligence Corp - Search Engine Marketing Specialists
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MuttMart.com Case Study

eCommerce Intelligence grew MuttMart.comís Google AdWords ROI over 300% in 3 months!
In the spring of 2007, MuttMart.com tasked eCommerce Intelligence with improving their Google AdWords profitability and provide consulting on growing their business.

MuttMart.com wanted to identify opportunities to grow their business.

eCommerce Intelligence installed Google Analytics on MuttMart.com as a first step in identifying opportunities to grow sales. eComIQ then focused on the Google AdWords profitability reports in Google Analytics over the next several months to identify opportunities.

eCommerce Intelligence reviewed the Google Analytics data for MuttMart.com and identified Google AdWords keywords that had better ROI's than others for one of their product lines. Similar keywords that described certain breeds and sizes of dogs were performing better than general keywords for this same product line.

eCommerce Intelligence modified keyword spending by increasing the cost/click for keywords that had higher ROI's and lowered the cost/click for keywords that were performing poorly. Additional keywords were brainstormed and added to MuttMart.com's campaign for this product line and corresponding breeds and sizes.

As a result of this initiative, eCommerce Intelligence grew MuttMart.com's Google AdWords ROI by over 300% in 3 months. A niche business was also identified for MuttMart.com that could be grown further and continue to improve profitability!
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