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GreekInterntMarket.com Case Study: eCommerce Intelligence Corp - Search Engine Marketing Specialists
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GreekInternetMarket.com Case Study

eCommerce Intelligence helps GreekInternetMarket.com grow sales 30% year over year without increasing advertising cost/conversion by using Google Analytics to grow organic sales!
In the spring of 2006, GreekInternetMarket.com employed eCommerce Intelligence to grow organic search sales. At the time, pay-per-click sales generated 75% of all online sales. Pay-per-click costs had been increasing over time and were affecting profit growth.

GreekInternetMarket.com wanted to improve organic search rankings so more sales from non-paid search would be obtained.

eCommerce Intelligence installed Google Analytics on GreekInternetMarket.com as a first step in obtaining baseline data for this improvement process. Google Analytics was also used to identify keywords to apply focus on and to track progress of this initiative.

eCommerce Intelligence optimized page titles, meta tags and page content to improve search rankings for GreekInternetMarket. Keyword considerations and keyword conversion data from Google Analytics were used to identify opportunities to leverage existing sales and traffic. These keywords were included in title, META, and page content using advanced search optimization techniques to propel GreekInternetMarket.com up the organic search rankings.

As a result of this initiative, eCommerce Intelligence was able to grow organic search sales from 15% of all sales to 35%. During the same timeframe, overall sales grew 30% and cost of advertising/sale remained flat. The end result was significantly increased sales and profitability for GreekInternetMarket.com!
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