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AssessmentSpecialists.com Case Study: eCommerce Intelligence Corp - Search Engine Marketing Specialists
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AssessmentSpecialists.com Case Study

eCommerce Intelligence reduced assessmentspecialists.com’s pay-per-click costs 20% in two weeks without decreasing sales!
In the fall of 2006, AssessmentSpecialists.com employed eCommerce Intelligence to identify opportunities for growing sales leads. At the time, pay-per-click costs had skyrocketed over the previous year. One 2nd-tier pay-per-click search engine campaign had grown to 20% of all pay-per-click costs, even though it only commanded a less than 2% market share of internet searches on a global scale.

AssessmentSpecialists.com wanted to identify what value, if any, this 2nd-tier pay-per-click search engine campaign was providing for growing sales leads.

eCommerce Intelligence installed Google Analytics on AssessmentSpecialists.com as a first step in obtaining baseline data for this improvement process. Since AssessmentSpecialists.com does not directly sell any products or services on the website, immediate feedback on sales due to campaigns was not available and advanced tracking techniques would need to be employed to identify whether this pay-per-click campaign was adding value.

eCommerce Intelligence tagged the pay-per-click campaign’s ads to include tracking URL’s. These special URL’s enabled the search engine’s pay-per-click traffic to be segregated from other search traffic (the same search engine’s organic search and other search engines’ traffic).

Within 1 week it was discovered that a large amount of traffic from this paid search campaign was originating outside the United States. Since the Assessment Specialists were not licensed to provide their services outside the US, this traffic had no value but had a significant impact on cost. The search engine company was informed of this discovery and turned on geo-targeting to only supply traffic within the US.

The following week, it was discovered that this search engine’s traffic, even with geo-targeting turned on, resulted in a high percentage of bounce rates and low time and page views per visit. It was concluded that the traffic was not valuable and the pay-per-click campaign could be eliminated.

As a result of this initiative, eCommerce Intelligence was able to reduce pay-per-click costs by 20% in two weeks without impacting sales. The end result was optimized pay-per-click campaign and increased profitability for the Assessment Specialists!
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