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Ecommerce Intelligence Inc | About Us
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The eCommerce Intelligence Team

eCommerce Intelligence was founded by two individuals with proven track records of success in infrastructure development and internet marketing.
Morgan Jones, President, is the head of SEO and SEM consulting for eCommerce Intelligence. Morgan co-founded GreekInternetMarket.com, one of the largest Greek food retailers on the internet, where he was responsible for business development, IT and marketing for the company. Prior to and while working in the internet industry, Morgan spent 10 years as an engineer for Hewlett-Packard in manufacturing and R&D, where he developed a strong analytical background with an emphasis on designed experiments and statistics. The same methodologies Morgan used to develop the most advanced printing systems in the world, including continuous improvement and data-driven decision making, are also used when Morgan consults for clients. Morgan has 3 patents in the printing industry and a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from San Diego State University.
Steve Gott, Chief Technical Officer, has over 13 years of internet experience including website design, open-source web platform development, LAMP, eCommerce infrastructure integration, database development, analytics development and integration, custom eCommerce reporting tools, and SEM campaign management. Steve was one of the original employees of Urchin, which later was acquired by Google. He is a gifted problem-solver who can provide a solution to any complex problem, whether it be an element of an advanced analytics installation or an application to support a marketing process. Steve has a BS in Physics from the University Of California San Diego.
In addition, eCommerce Intelligence has a staff of exceptionally competent marketers and technologists who's #1 objective is to meet our clients' needs. eCommerce Intelligence also has a network of affiliates capable of any project, no matter how innovative or complex the requirements.

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